Jesus’ Life – An act of Love!

A pantoum based on John 3:14-21, the Gospel for this Sunday (Lent 4, Yr B)

First Stanza:

When Jesus comes to us as an act of love –
we’re used to a society that loves to judge.
In every aspect of our lives – how we look and what we do or say –
life’s a competition – full of hierarchy ladders.

For a New Day

(Written December, 2020 - based on Psalm 118:1-29)

First Stanza:

Let me say, “Help me to start the day!”
when I feel all alone, with the whole world to fight;
when all I can think about are bad things I’ve done –
Though the brutal honesty makes me want to hide!

Witness in the Wilderness

(Written February, 2021
Scripture references: Matthew 4:1-11; Mark 1:12-13; Luke 4:1-13)

It’s humbling to witness Jesus in the wilderness –
He has such strength, such courage, a peacefulness.
No challenge, not even the devil, can break him down –
Just one sharp rebuke removing temptation from His thought.