Advent Hope for All

I wrote the first version of this pantoum in Advent 2018 - and share it publicly for the first time in these opening few days of the Advent season. It's written for all for whom it has been a difficult year:

First Stanza

Our prayer is answered, and God will bring us home -
life's journey's not meant for travelling alone.
Our task, to listen, trust, and connect with God once more,
as God, again, sends the love, peace and hope that is His Son.

A Beautiful Invite

A pantoum reflecting on the power of an invitation, the love of friends, and a renewed hearing of the spirit's call to serve when one is healing from the oppressive behaviour of another:

First Stanza

A beautiful invite that mends shattered spirits
as layers of forced burden begin shedding away.
God’s healing touch working, making us whole –
light starts to crack open the oppressor’s doom.

For a New Day

(Written December, 2020 - based on Psalm 118:1-29)

First Stanza:

Let me say, “Help me to start the day!”
when I feel all alone, with the whole world to fight;
when all I can think about are bad things I’ve done –
Though the brutal honesty makes me want to hide!