In unity, we pray and do good!

(Written January, 2021 – published on the World Day of Prayer)

As I live my life, I see differences everywhere I go –
each person believes their opinions are right for them,
some celebrate differences, others believe we should all think the same.

In the spirit of unity,
I think of my brothers and sisters in the churches down the road –
Christians from traditions different to mine.
I may struggle with what they teach, but they too are followers of Christ.

In the spirit of unity,
I think of those who practice other faiths and hold different beliefs –
there are so many around the world.
For they too do good work in faith.

In the spirit of unity,
I think of those who struggle with their beliefs –
and of those who feel they have no faith in God.
For they too are still guided by a sense of what is right and what is wrong.

When I agree, and when I disagree with my neighbour,
I can love and pray, just as scripture teaches me,
so that all are bound together in perfect unity.

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