Styles of Writing

I write in a range of styles with much of my inspiration coming from scripture, from things I have read and heard, and from my own personal experience, as I process it through prayer and personal reflection.  I do not  write in a consistent and regular style, but styles I do regularly use include:

Character Reflections:

As I reflect on scripture, I often try to study the passage from a character’s point of view, and to consider why a character might act in the way that they do.  They are often written in the first person from the point of view of the character.

You can see my character reflections on this website here.


A pantoum is a Malaysian form of verse adapted by French Poets that uses repetition of lines through the poem, with each and every line appearing twice with little or no editing between each line (I occasionally add the odd word if it’s required to make the poem read better but the true pantoum includes no such edits).  

You can see my pantoums on this website here.

Two Voice Reflections:

My two voice reflections expand on a character reflection (or other similar writing) with a contrast second voice, for example, a character from scripture, and a voice from a person in current times.  In this way, I use my writing to compare and contrast situations of people in different cultures, times, or situations.

I set out the reflections with the two voices intermingling with each other, but each voice can often be read on its own.

You can see my Two Voice Reflections on this website here.