About Me

With my dog, Esha

I have an active interest in Ignatian Spirituality and much of my writing comes out of using spiritual practices from this tradition as I draw on scripture and on a wide variety of personal and church related experiences for inspiration.  I write and choose to publish as and when I am inspired to and so the frequency of my posts is currently quite random. If you wish an email alert when a piece of writing is published, do sign up to the mailing list in the right hand column.

I am an active Christian, with many years’ experience working for the church as a communications mission officer helping others communicate Christ’s love to the local community.  I have also a trained spiritual director (since 2016) and enjoy this ministry listening to others and supporting them in their relationship with God.  I also enjoy writing and leading worship services, reflective days and residential retreats to help people of all ages to spend time with God.

Outside of this work, and IT/Communications freelance work I do for churches and non-profit organisations, I enjoy walks (and cuddles!) with my dog Esha (who keeps me sane!), spending time with family and friends and when I have the time and space, various activities including photography, drone flying, knitting, papier mache, and (badly) playing my clarinet.

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